My name is Jane Hart and I am a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance. I have a young adult daughter who is non-verbal and non-mobile, therefore, uses a wheelchair. I guide her through yoga poses and stretching in her wheelchair or on the floor to help her muscles become less spastic.

Yoga is about modifying to one’s needs. No two people are alike, no matter their ability. I use props to help individuals work towards their maximum potential.

I take yoga poses, and based on someone’s abilities and personal goals, I create a plan with adjustments to the original pose. Over a period of time, which differs between each client, they will become more free physically, and as of a result of that, more free mentally. These poses can be practiced in a wheelchair, on the floor, or wherever is most suitable for the individual.

I help my clients and/or their caregivers to create goals, so the program is tailored to them.

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